Andrew Baisden

  I’m a full-stack developer from London. Programming is one of my passions in life. A majority of my most recent skills have been self-taught. I find this is one of the best ways to learn because you can go at your own pace.


5 Stories by Andrew Baisden

Exploring Zedux and how it compares to Redux

We introduce Zedux, a new React state management library, examine its features, and see how it compares to Redux.
0 11 min read

Building custom maps with React Native Mapbox

React Native Mapbox provides a strong and versatile method for introducing interactive and visually appealing maps into your mobile applications.
0 6 min read

Node.js Express test-driven development with Jest

Test-driven development, or TDD, is a fairly common style of programming in the workplace. Node.js now has its own inbuilt test runner.
0 7 min read

Flutter vs. React Native

Compare Flutter and React Native, explore what makes each framework so special, and discover why they’re so highly sought-after.
4 12 min read

Using CSS Modules in React Native

Familiarize yourself with CSS Modules, a portable, more robust alternative to traditional React Native styling approaches that helps you produce cleaner, more readable code.
2 8 min read