Matthew Croak

  A Brooklyn-based Flatiron School-alum, Matthew is a post-production assistant turned software engineer with a fruitful four years of experience. Currently, he is a JavaScript SDK engineer at Socket Mobile.


5 Stories by Matthew Croak

How to use DateFormatter in Swift

DateFormatter allows us to accurately represent dates and times in formats that are understood by different environment, overall increasing the accessibility of your application.
0 4 min read

Creating gradient borders in Swift

When it comes to frontend development, the clearer the UI, the better. A border can enhance UI elements by providing more depth and personality....
0 4 min read

Clipping circles (and more) in Flutter

There are a few ways you can circle clip (and more) images in your Flutter app. Here's a quick explanation and demonstration of how.
0 6 min read

Create adaptive icons in Flutter with flutter_launcher_icons

Thanks to flutter_launcher_icons, it’s easier than ever to create Flutter launcher icons using this package. Learn how here.
0 6 min read

Creating Victory charts in React Native

Engage users with effective data visuals that are easy to read and understand. Here's how to apply Victory charts in your React Native app.
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