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The monorepo: Putting code in its place

Maintaining a growing software product can be daunting. You go from a two bedroom apartment to an office full of people and along the...
Pascal Kriete
3 min read

Detect location and local timezone of users in JavaScript

Detecting the location of your users can be really useful if you want to personalize your user’s experience when they browse through your website....
Christian Nwamba
7 min read

Animating Route Transitions with React Router

React Router v4 provides an intuitive, declarative API for building React apps that support navigation. However, there is not much in the docs, stack-overflow,...
Christian Nwamba
4 min read

Quick guide to webpack bundle and code splitting with React

Introduction You’re probably here because your app has grown to the point where forcing the user to download the entire thing as a single...
Christian Nwamba
2 min read

Advanced React Router concepts: Recursive path, code splitting, and…

Before setting down the path of advanced concepts, first let’s all agree on the basics. React Router provides: Routing capabilities to single-page apps built...
Yomi Eluwande
11 min read

Isolating memory leaks with Chrome’s Allocation Timeline

When memory used by your program isn’t needed anymore, it’s supposed to be returned to the pool of free memory available to your operating...
Renzo Lucioni
3 min read

Using the new Streaming Performance Monitor in Google Chrome

If you’ve ever had to debug a memory leak or profile a performance issue in Chrome, you’ve probably experienced the clunky Performance and Memory...
Ben Edelstein
1 min read

Manipulate date and time in JavaScript using MomentJS

It’s almost 2018! We use dates and time every day of our lives, I just did, and if you are a developer designing a...
Christian Nwamba
4 min read

Advanced Vue.js concepts: Mixins, custom directives, and more

Vue.js is arguably one of the easiest and most minimalist JavaScript frameworks with which to get started. While we cannot downplay the current momentum...
Ogundipe Samuel
10 min read

Security for full-stack web developers :  Part 3

In this article, I’d like to look into the elements of web app security that are often the most dangerous — those involving users and sessions....
Robin Percy
3 min read

Building server-rendered apps in Vue using Nuxt.js

This post will walk you through the process of building server-rendered webpages in Vue — a progressive JavaScript framework that is simple to start using. I’ll...
Christian Nwamba
4 min read

Design 101, from a non-designer

For many, design can seem like magic — a dark art that only few can master. It can be intimidating to learn, especially since many people...
Dan Schlosser
8 min read