Ejiro Asiuwhu

  Nigeria 🇳🇬 https://github.com/ejirocodes Software Engineer with a drive for building highly scalable and performant web applications. Heavily interested in module federation, micro frontends, state machines, TDD, and system designs. Big on web performance and optimization, advanced component design patterns, a11y, SSR, SSG Incremental Static Regeneration (ISR), and state management. Expert at crafting highly reusable Typescript-heavy component libraries. An advocate of TypeScript and industry best practices. I regularly author meaningful technical content ✍🏽.


17 Stories by Ejiro Asiuwhu

A guide to the React useReducer Hook

The useReducer React Hook is a good alternative to tools like Redux, Recoil, or MobX.
9 11 min read

How to use NextAuth.js for client-side authentication in Next.js

Build a client-side authentication app in Next.js using NextAuth.js, which will allow users to log in using their GitHub, Google, and Facebook accounts.
13 8 min read

React vs. Blazor: Minimize JavaScript in your SPAs

Explore how React and Blazor differ in a variety of areas, including folder structure, performance, ecosystem, routing, and more.
19 10 min read

Implementing React Native biometric authentication with Expo

Learn how to add biometric authentication like face ID and touch ID in a bare-bones React Native app using an Expo SDK.
1 6 min read

Using axios.all to make concurrent requests

Learn about Axios' axios.all function for HTTP requests, differentiating Promise.all and axios.all, and making concurrent API requests.
3 5 min read

Building a Svelte Native iOS app

Learn about Svelte Native, the framework for developing native iOS and Android applications with Svelte logic and NativeScript components.
1 5 min read

Comparing Vue.js date pickers

Learn which Vue.js date pickers are best for your booking or logistics application to provide useful yet stylish user experiences.
0 8 min read

NativeScript vs. React Native

NativeScript and React Native make building elegant, production-ready, and scalable mobile apps with JavaScript easy. But, which is better?
0 6 min read

Applying box shadows in React Native

Applying box shadows in a React Native app is not always straightforward. Learn to apply box shadows across the iOS and Android platforms.
2 5 min read

Internationalization and localization in React Native

Learn how to internationalize and localize Expo and bare React Native mobile applications to make them globally accessible.
1 4 min read

Building mobile apps with Vue Native

With Vue Native, developers can get the best of both the Vue.js and React Native ecosystems when building apps.
4 6 min read

Introduction to classes and structs in Swift

Learn how classes and structs function and differ to provide developers flexibility when programing in Swift.
0 6 min read