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Become a LogRocket guest author

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Become a LogRocket Guest Author

Do you love writing about frontend development? Want to get paid and have us promote your content to a wide audience? Read on for the details…

The LogRocket blog is one of the most well-respected resources on the web for frontend devs. We take pride in publishing deep, technical content that helps developers do their jobs and stay up to date on new technologies.

Until now, our articles have exclusively been written by LogRocket engineers and product managers. But in order to share a wider range of technical topics and opinions, we’re opening up our blog to the community. Starting today, we’ll be accepting contributions from community members, and offering competitive compensation for quality work.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for passionate developers and technical writers who love writing informative and educational content. Some sample topics you could write about include:

  • Tutorials on React, Redux, Vue.js, webpack, Wasm, MobX, GraphQL, JavaScript, etc.
  • Frontend development best practices
  • Product/UI/UX design

Here are some examples of the types of posts we like:

Why you should write for LogRocket

  1. We’ll compensate you for your time. Depending on the scope and quality of each post, we’ll offer up to $350.
  2. We’ll do the work to promote your content across the web. Hacker News, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  3. You can reach a wider audience. We regularly receive around 3 million monthly views from readers all over the world.
  4. You get to help other developers. Help give back to the community by sharing your knowledge and unique perspective.
  5. You can still publish your piece on your own blog. We simply ask to keep it exclusive to us for the first month. Then you can publish it on your own self-hosted blog or portfolio.

Want to get started?

Email [email protected] with your name, a brief bio, and a link to a writing sample that showcases your technical writing ability. Do not send attachments. If you already have a post in mind, you can include that as well.

bnevilleoneill Director of Content @ LogRocket

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