Zain Sajjad

  Head of Product Experience at Peekaboo Guru. In love with mobile machine learning, React, React Native, and UI designing.


20 Stories by Zain Sajjad

Dark mode in React: An in-depth guide

In this article, we learned how to implement dark mode in a React application and its top considerations.
3 8 min read

SvelteKit Auth with AWS Cognito

Learn how to use the SvelteKit Auth module to authenticate your SvelteKit apps, including processes like redirection-based logins.
11 8 min read

Using Re.pack for large-scale React Native projects

Re.pack, the webpack-based toolkit, allows large-scale React Native apps to benefit from features like code splitting and module federation.
0 7 min read

Smarter Redux with Redux Toolkit

Redux Toolkit eliminates many of the lingering critiques against using Redux for state management.
3 10 min read

Should you keep the faith with React Native?

Some devs argue that React Native is dead, especially in comparison to Flutter. Review the current status of React Native and its expected features....
2 7 min read

How to build an AR/VR app with ViroReact

Learn how to create an app with AR capabilities using ViroReact, a React Native platform that makes AR/VR development a breeze.
2 5 min read

React Native Debugger: Tips for fast debugging

React Native Debugger comes with features that can boost your development and debugging speed. Here's how to use it.
0 6 min read

React Navigation vs. React Native Navigation: Which is right for you?

React Navigation vs. React Native Navigation? We weigh the critical aspects of selecting the right navigation library for your app.
4 6 min read

A deep dive into Lefthook for React and React Native

Advance beyond Husky with this deep dive into Lefthook, a Git Hooks manager with parallelization and support for custom runners.
0 5 min read

Serverless authentication services compared

Choose among several serverless tools, which can increase your focus on core application features by performing routine tasks like authentication.
0 3 min read

React Native CI/CD using GitHub Actions

Nobody likes to wait for their app build to complete before going home. Automate CI/CD for your React Native app using GitHub Actions.
4 6 min read

User behavior testing with React Native Testing Library

Testing user behavior is crucial for delivering great products, and React Native Testing Library makes it a joy.
0 5 min read