Zain Sajjad

  Head of Product Experience at Peekaboo Guru. In love with mobile machine learning, React, React Native, and UI designing.


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Dark mode in React: An in-depth guide

Learn about the multiple ways you can implement dark mode your React apps for both comfort and accessibility.
0 5 min read

Serverless authentication services compared

Choose among several serverless tools, which can increase your focus on core application features by performing routine tasks like authentication.
0 3 min read

React Native CI/CD using GitHub Actions

Nobody likes to wait for their app build to complete before going home. Automate CI/CD for your React Native app using GitHub Actions.
1 6 min read

User behavior testing with React Native Testing Library

Testing user behavior is crucial for delivering great products, and React Native Testing Library makes it a joy.
0 5 min read

7 feature-rich alternatives to styled-components

Styled-components has been at the forefront of CSS-in-JS for years, but it's worth exploring today's new, feature-rich alternatives.
0 4 min read

Benchmarking bundlers 2020: Rollup vs. Parcel vs. webpack

Bundlers serve as a cornerstone technology for all modern web apps. We've benchmarked Rollup, Parcel.js, and webpack across multiple criteria.
0 6 min read

8 definitive rules for building apps with Redux

Longtime believers and new converts alike should heed these eight rules for managing state in large-scale apps with Redux.
0 5 min read

Smarter Redux with Redux Toolkit

Redux Toolkit eliminates many of the lingering critiques against using Redux for state management.
3 8 min read

React Native Debugger: Tips for fast debugging

React Native Debugger is a wonderful integration of different DevTools to boost developer productivity. Using it to a full extent will definitely result in...
0 5 min read

Why you should keep faith with React Native

The reports of React Native's death have been greatly exaggerated.
2 6 min read

Image styling and filters using WebAssembly

Tools like Emscripten are making WebAssembly more accessible frontend devs. Learn how to use it to style images with Wasm.
2 6 min read

Redux DevTools: Tips and tricks for faster debugging

We will look into some extraordinary features that Redux DevTools offers that can help you debug your applications faster.
1 4 min read