Kumar Harsh
Oct 25, 2022 ⋅ 10 min read

Flutter vs. Xamarin

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11 Replies to "Flutter vs. Xamarin"

  1. Some small things:
    With Xamarin (or Xamarin.Forms), you don’t need to write any java/koltin or Obj-C/Swift. You just use the Android and iOS UIKit frameworks in C#. (Among other platform specific frameworks and libraries.)

    Also, Dart isn’t a language just created and designed for Flutter. It was just a language that google had on the shelf. Nowadays, its only use is mostly for Flutter.

  2. Great write up. But one thing about Xamarin is there is no fee for it any more. That was removed by Microsoft when they bought Xamarin a few years back.

  3. Dart released on 2011, while flutter released on 2017 as alpha, which mean Dart wasn’t introduced specifically for Flutter.

  4. i am very curious about MUAI , as of now flutter is best , Xamarin team should bring back Blend Studio for creating complex animations and UI.

  5. Hey, just wanted to let you know that some consulting firm (“arrow hi tech”) copied this blog post and changed the wording slightly. I’m not linking to it (in case linking raises its search ranking) but it’s first in a search for “flutter vs xamarin” in DDG.

  6. Number of issues with this article that are misleading and just wow.

    To name a few problems with ui’s ok maybe with pure vanilla sure. But if you are doing it the right way with skia then oh look no more issues.

    A fee on Xamarin not for many many many years.

    Xamarin has hotreload and hot restart.

    And should be very carefull when saying more popular good search trend / starts don’t always equate to real world useage aka actual popularity. Look at companies using flutter. According to them BMW Toyota eBay google alibaba. Well minus eBay they are using native / Xamarin killed flutter app. Most of the google apps have been killed and replaced with Xamarin apps… vs Xamarin just go look at laundry list of actual companies that use it.

    Or look at job postings little to no flutter mostly Xamarin, react, or full native.

    All of this to say. Very misleading article. Should probably revisit this.

  7. What are the server-side constraints? I assume Xamarin requires .Net, which necessarily involves MS services? How about Flutter? Is it open to anything on the server side?

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