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Jethro Magaji
Feb 8, 2021 ⋅ 4 min read

Why Flutter is overtaking React Native

Jethro Magaji Frontend engineer and UI/UX designer.

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7 Replies to "Why Flutter is overtaking React Native"

  1. – Flutter is an english word, comparing google trends is useless.
    – All the great features expained are also available on React Native, except the compilation to ARM code.
    – Dart requires a new language to learn, RN is just JS + JSX syntax.
    – RN community BY FAR exceeeds the size of the flutter community.

    I guess you wrote the title to be as clickbaity as possible and then tried to prove your point.
    Flutter is a great tech, it’s not overtaking RN afaik and your arguments are true for both platforms.

  2. “In this post, we have learned why Flutter is overtaking React.”

    Well…. we’ve seen that Google’s statistics say that Googles product is getting more popular.

    I’m not knocking Flutter, I applaud any non-javascript solution.

    Also; the flutter websites says that the web side of things is in beta so it’s not overtaking react for that.

    ps: I hate react, but let’s stick to the facts.

  3. The comparison in Google trends doesn’t make any sense as “flutter” alone is related to a lot of other queries, since it’s an American word… Just scroll and look at “related queries” in google trends and you will see that it’s an irrelevant comparison.
    And since that’s the only argument in favour of flutter in this article…

  4. A total puff piece with absolutely no substance on comparing react native to flutter – it barely mentions RN at all. You might as well say Chinese is the most popular language in the world because China has the most population in the world, without giving any thought on what ‘popular’ really means.

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