Using TypeScript With Redux Toolkit

Using TypeScript with Redux Toolkit

In this tutorial, we learn how to set up and use TypeScript with Redux Toolkit, which makes implementing Redux less tedious.
Olasunkanmi John Ajiboye
6 min read

How to use Redux in Next.js

Learn how to incorporate Redux, the most popular state management tool, into Next.js quickly and easily in this full tutorial.
Mohammad Faisal
8 min read
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Comparing Redux vs. Vuex

Let's explore how both Redux and Vuex work and determine which popular state management library solution is best for your project.
Amarachi Amaechi
10 min read
Why Use Redux: A Tutorial With Examples

Understanding Redux: A tutorial with examples

State management gets messy in complex apps. See how Redux can easily manage states shared across components.
Neo Ighodaro
9 min read
Using Redux Apps And Axios For Data Fetching

Data fetching with Redux and Axios

Learn how to use Redux and a library like Axios to turn data fetching and state management from a nightmare to...
Ohans Emmanuel
13 min read
Handing User Authentication With Redux Toolkit

Handling user authentication with Redux Toolkit

User authentication can be handled in a myriad of ways. We'll learn how to use Redux Toolkit (RTK) to create a...
Chinwike Maduabuchi
17 min read
Redux Persist React Native

How to use Redux Persist in React Native

Even when we leave our app and come back later, Redux Persist fetches the data from AsyncStorage and initializes the Redux...
Chiamaka Umeh
5 min read
React Redux Connect

React Redux connect(): When and how to use it

The React Redux package provides React bindings for the Redux state container, making it very easy to connect a React application...
Glad Chinda
13 min read
Hooks Redux Context API

React Hooks vs. Redux: Do Hooks and Context replace Redux?

Explore the differences between using Redux for state management in React apps and using the React Context API along with Hooks.
Ebenezer Don
6 min read
Persist Redux Toolkit React

Persist state with Redux Persist using Redux Toolkit in React

With the Redux Persist library, developers can save the Redux store in persistent storage. Therefore, even after refreshing the browser, the...
Taminoturoko Briggs
5 min read

Redux Toolkit’s new listener middleware vs. Redux-Saga

Redux Toolkit's new listener middleware is a great alternative to Redux Saga, with a few caveats - learn all about it...
Joseph Mawa
9 min read
Smarter Redux With Redux Toolkit

Smarter Redux with Redux Toolkit

Redux Toolkit eliminates many of the lingering critiques against using Redux for state management.
Zain Sajjad
10 min read