Neo Ighodaro
Sep 11, 2023 ⋅ 10 min read

Understanding Redux: A tutorial with examples

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25 Replies to "Understanding Redux: A tutorial with examples"

  1. @nighodaro, loved the article, thank you. Though, I’m having a hard time understanding why do we take in the last code snippet – usename for Status?

  2. Hi, Thanks for your article. Do you think it could be possible and enough to just use a React Context do avoid the props drilling problem ?

  3. What an amazing and helpful explanation! I’ve read several articles but this one was the most clear one! It helps me understand the concepts of Redux

  4. Great article. Never imagined I would learn it so much easily. Highly recommended for everyone, who wishes to know about Redux. Thanks a ton.

  5. @author

    I want to quote the below lines-
    “If the data needs to be passed from a parent to a child deep down the tree, this can still be accomplished using React utilities like Context. But when it comes to sharing the state between components on the same level, Redux is the inevitable option.”

    Read below line
    >>> But when it comes to sharing the state between components on the same level, Redux is the inevitable option.
    >>> My thoughts, even if the components on the same level we can go with Context API, why Redux is the inevitable option here, Please clear my doubt.

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