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  https://olajohn.me/ TypeScript and Rust enthusiast. Writes code for humans. From the land of Promise.


6 Stories by Olasunkanmi John Ajiboye

Using Vue Composition API in React functional components

The experimental reactivue package allows you to take the best parts of the Vue Composition API and React Hooks and use them together.
0 5 min read

What’s new in Vuex 4

The Vuex 4 beta is now available, adding support for the Composition API, more robust inference for TypeScript, and more.
3 5 min read

Type-safe fetching with gretchen

Gretchen allows type-safe fetching by providing a very subtle abstraction over the popular fetch() syntax that you already know and love.
0 3 min read

Rethinking web audio feedback with the useSound Hook

Audio feedback on the web has deservedly gotten a bad rap. But when used correctly, and with accessibility in mind, sound can enrich UX.
0 7 min read

How to create an API with Rust and Postgres

Learn how to create a REST API with Rust and Postgres, including writing simple endpoints, handling errors, maintaining a connection to the database, persisting...
2 9 min read

Async/await in TypeScript

With async and await, you can write asynchronous code that looks and behaves like synchronous code, making it much easier to read, write, and...
2 7 min read