Async actions in Redux with Thunk or custom middleware

As you know, Redux provides you with an elegant approach to manage the state of a JavaScript application. Its infrastructure is based on functional...
Andrea Chiarelli
6 min read

When (and when not) to use Redux

Managing state when building complex tasks was quite a pain in the neck until Redux came along. Inspired by Flux an application design pattern,...
Christian Nwamba
5 min read

5 key Redux libraries to improve code reuse

Redux is a very popular state container used in so many modern frontend JavaScript applications. It is framework agnostic and can be used in...
Glad Chinda
15 min read

History of front-end frameworks

A history of front-end frameworks including Semantic UI and others.
Michael Wanyoike
7 min read

A beginner’s guide to redux-observable

Redux-Observable is a Redux middleware that allows you to filter and map actions using RxJS operators. RxJS operators like filter() and map() let you...
Val Karpov
4 min read

Frontend in 2017: The important parts

A lot has happened in 2017, and it can be a bit overwhelming to think about. We all like to joke about how quickly...
Kaelan Cooter
13 min read

Understanding redux-saga: From action creators to sagas

As any redux developer could tell you, the hardest part of building an app are asynchronous calls — how do you handle network requests, timeouts, and...
Esteban Herrera
5 min read

Maximizing Debuggability with Redux

In my last blog post, Redux Logging in Production, I discussed one of the most important benefits of using Redux — debuggability. By using front end...
Ben Edelstein
2 min read

Redux Logging in Production

One of the greatest strengths of Redux is debuggability — by logging actions and state during an app’s execution, developers can easily understand code errors, race...
Ben Edelstein
5 min read

Log-Driven Development with Redux

How many times have you been asked by a product manager “how often is this feature being used?” Or there’s a mysterious crash in...
Matt Arbesfeld
1 min read