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Build strongly typed polymorphic components with React and TypeScript

Learn how to build strongly typed polymorphic React components with TypeScript, using familiar UI component props as guides.
0 24 min read

Accessing previous props or state with React Hooks

Access previous props and states from within functional components using the useRef, useState, usePrevious, and useEffect React Hooks.
17 5 min read

React useLayoutEffect vs. useEffect with examples

Essentially, the difference between useEffect and useLayoutEffect lies solely in when the two are fired. Look into the inner workings and best use cases...
5 7 min read

Practical React Hooks: How to refactor your app to use Hooks

Are you looking to refactor your app to use React Hooks? Learn how to avoid common problems with React Hooks and refactoring basics.
4 16 min read

How browser rendering works — behind the scenes

How do browsers bring web apps to life? Understanding client-side rendering will empower you to truly optimize your web projects.
26 12 min read

React lifecycle methods: An approachable tutorial with examples

Learn all about React lifecycle methods for mounting, updating, unmounting, and error handling, including new methods as of React 17.
9 13 min read

React Router with Redux: Understanding navigation state

Use React Router to declaratively navigate within your React and Redux applications and maintain state across your app’s navigation switches.
2 13 min read

Build a full-stack React app with zero configuration

Simplify building full stack React apps using Zero Server: a framework without configuration.
0 12 min read

React Hooks cheat sheet: Best practices with examples

Editor’s note: This React Hooks tutorial was last updated in January 2021 to include more React Hooks best practices and examples. React Hooks have...
9 14 min read

Using Redux apps and Axios for data fetching

State management can quickly turn into a nightmare. Fortunately, Redux has a good number of libraries maintained to make data fetching easy.
25 11 min read

React Reference Guide: Refs and the DOM

Our complete guide to React refs and the DOM, with suggestions for further reading.
0 7 min read

React Reference Guide: Hooks API

Our all-in-one reference guide for basic and advanced React Hooks, with suggestions for further reading.
1 20 min read