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24 Stories by Ohans Emmanuel

Working with Astro’s middleware

Astro, the popular frontend framework, added middleware in a recent release. Learn how to use Astro's middleware in this post.
0 9 min read

A guide to the 4 new Array.prototype methods in JavaScript

Four new Array.prototype methods were recently approved as part of ECMAScript 2023. Read about how to use them in this detailed guide.
0 6 min read

React useLayoutEffect vs. useEffect Hooks with examples

Compare the useEffect and useLayoutEffect Hooks in React, especially their firing, performance, and visual changes.
6 8 min read

How to access previous props or state with React Hooks

In this article, we learned how to procure previous values from the useRef, useState, usePrevious, and useEffect Hooks in React.
17 7 min read

When not to use the useMemo React Hook

Learn when not to use the useMemo React Hook, such as when a memoized value is not used frequently or a computation is not...
14 8 min read

React Hooks cheat sheet: Best practices with examples

Editor’s note: This React Hooks tutorial was last updated on 6 March 2023 to include more React Hooks best practices and examples. React Hooks...
10 18 min read

How to initialize state using React Hooks

Learn how to initialize state and implement advanced React component patterns using React Hooks like useState and the key property.
4 8 min read

Build powerful React forms with Informed

Learn how to build forms that are resilient and customizable with Informed, a new competitor to Formik for React form building.
0 12 min read

Using the React children prop with TypeScript

Learn about the recommended ways you can use the React children prop in TypeScript projects in this detailed, example-by-example tutorial.
2 3 min read

How to dynamically assign properties to an object in TypeScript

TypeScript's Record utility type is useful for many reasons. In this post, you can learn how to use it to dynamically assign props to...
3 4 min read

How to refactor React components to use Hooks

When you refactor your application to use React Hooks, the first problem you’ll face happens to be the root issue from which other challenges...
4 15 min read

Data fetching with Redux and Axios

Learn how to use Redux and a library like Axios to turn data fetching and state management from a nightmare to a breeze.
27 13 min read