Mohammad Faisal

  I am a full-stack software engineer working with the MERN stack. Also, I am a blogger in my free time and love to write about various technical topics.


5 Stories by Mohammad Faisal

How to use Redux in Next.js

Learn how to incorporate Redux, the most popular state management tool, into Next.js quickly and easily in this full tutorial.
6 8 min read

Dependency injection in Node.js with TypeDI

Achieve dependency injection in Node.js apps using TypeDI to improve your code's readability while reducing the amount of boilerplate code you use.
0 4 min read

Modeling NestJS app data with Dynamoose

Integrate the object-relational mapping tool, Dynamoose with a NestJS app to manage data models when working with unstructured data.
0 6 min read

Using material-table in React to build feature-rich data tables

Let's review how to create tables in React using one of the best and most feature-rich libraries available: material-table.
3 9 min read

Using Material UI with React Hook Form

React Hook Form is one of the most popular libraries for handling form inputs in the React ecosystem. Getting it to work properly can...
9 8 min read