Taminoturoko Briggs

  Software developer and technical writer. Core languages include JavaScript and Python.


6 Stories by Taminoturoko Briggs

Building a React live streaming app with 100ms

100ms includes support for HLS for live streaming, which allows for scaling to millions of viewers, mainly due to its support by OSes and...
0 13 min read

Create a table of contents with highlighting in React

A table of contents summarizes the page’s content, allowing users to quickly navigate through sections of the page by clicking on the desired heading.
0 6 min read

Persist state with Redux Persist using Redux Toolkit in React

With the Redux Persist library, developers can save the Redux store in persistent storage. Therefore, even after refreshing the browser, the site state will...
3 5 min read

Customize email templates when using Firebase in React

Generate custom email action links in Firebase to customize the verification and authentication emails automatically sent to users.
0 11 min read

Build a CRUD application in React with Firebase Web SDK v9

In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to carry out CRUD operations in Firestore by building a task manager demo app.
6 9 min read

Refactor a React app with the new Firebase v9.x Web SDK

The Firebase Web SDK v9.x has introduced breaking changes in methods for managing users and querying databases; refactor your React app to avoid throwing...
0 7 min read