Chiamaka Umeh

  A frontend developer with a passion for designing highly-responsive user interfaces for JavaScript-based web and mobile apps using React and React Native.


9 Stories by Chiamaka Umeh

Underrated React Hooks you’re missing out on

Explore the use cases, syntax, and a few code examples of three underrated React Hooks, useImperativeHandle, useLayoutEffect, and useDebugValue.
3 6 min read

How to use NFC tags in React Native

With NFC tags, you can easily transfer small amounts of information, like app URLs, encrypted bank accounts, and more.
1 5 min read

How to use Redux Persist in React Native

Even when we leave our app and come back later, Redux Persist fetches the data from AsyncStorage and initializes the Redux store with it.
0 5 min read

3 ways to secure open source Node.js dependencies

Review Socket, Node-Secure CLI, and N|Solid, three open source tools for running reports on the security of the transitive and direct dependencies in your project....
0 4 min read

Pagination and infinite scroll with React Query v3

React Query makes it easy to fetch, cache, sync, and update server state in React applications. Learn how to implement pagination and infinite scroll...
6 6 min read

Upload files to Firebase Cloud Storage in Firebase v9 with React

Cloud storage service is designed for developers to easily store and serve user-generated content, which is stored in Google Cloud Storage buckets.
1 4 min read

Level up your state management with Rematch

Explore how Rematch works, elaborate on its features, then build a simple to-do application to demonstrate how to use Rematch.
0 5 min read

Why React doesn’t update state immediately

State updates in React are asynchronous; when an update is requested, there is no guarantee that the updates will be made immediately.
0 2 min read

Best practices for React iframes

A resource rendered in an iframe functions independently of the parent component and therefore is not affected by the parent component’s CSS or JavaScript....
2 6 min read