product strategy

A Guide To Product Strategy

A guide to product strategy

Product strategy bridges the gap between your vision and the things you’re doing on the ground to actually get there.
Evie Brockwell
8 min read
How to create a product packaging strategy in 5 steps

How to create a product packaging strategy in 5 steps

Although creating a packaging strategy matrix is a complex and time-consuming endeavor, small improvements in your packaging strategy can make a...
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
A Guide To Brand Extension Strategies

A guide to brand extension strategies

A brand extension is an independent brand that’s separate from the main brand and any other brand extensions.
Daniel Schwarz
5 min read
How To Reposition A Failing Product

How to reposition a failing product

Repositioning is a powerful concept because it allows you to leverage faster, less expensive techniques to jumpstart growth.
Diana Hsieh
7 min read
Integrating Customer Support Into Your Product Strategy

Integrating customer support into your product strategy

A close collaboration with customer support equips product managers with a more attuned ear to the voice of the customer, ensuring...
Aatir Abdul Rauf
9 min read
What Is Conjoint Analysis For Market Research?

What is conjoint analysis for market research?

Conjoint analysis is a statistical method often used to conduct market research and evaluate how customers value different product attributes.
David Theil
6 min read
How To Detect Low Hanging Fruit

How to detect low-hanging fruit in business

Low-hanging fruit are opportunities that have a positive impact on customer experience and aren’t too complex or costly to implement.
Else van der Berg
6 min read
What Is A Unique Selling Proposition And How To Craft One

What is a unique selling proposition and how to craft one

As a product manager, you are the one responsible for building the unique selling proposition for your product.
Bartosz Jaworski
7 min read
What is an edge case? Meaning, examples in software development

What is an edge case? Meaning, examples in software development

Often, product managers shoulder the full blame for failing to identify edge cases early in the product development process — that...
Shehab Beram
3 min read
The Power Of A Call To Action (CTA): What It Is And How To Do It

The power of a call to action (CTA): What it is and how to do it

In digital products or digital marketing, CTAs are commonly used to drive user engagement, promote conversion metrics, and help achieve business...
Anna-Lena König
10 min read
Opportunity Solution Trees: A List Of Anti-patterns To Avoid

Opportunity solution trees: A list of anti-patterns to avoid

An opportunity solution tree is a visualization tool designed to help product teams determine the best path to achieve a desired...
Bart Krawczyk
5 min read
Is Product-Market Fit A Myth?

Is product-market fit a myth?

Product-market fit allows you to provide immediate value to users who are seeking a solution for a problem that they’re experiencing.
Diana Hsieh
4 min read