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  A JavaScript developer focused on building human-centric products with HTML, CSS, React, Node.js, and MongoDB


12 Stories by Pascal Akunne

How to avoid CSS ch layout shifts

CSS layout shifts refer to the unexpected movement (or shifting) of elements within the layout of a webpage during the rendering process. This occurs...
0 6 min read

Using setTimeout() and other timer APIs in Node.js

We explore the timers phase of the Node.js event loop, which implements Node's asynchronous functionalities by executing I/O or timer callbacks sequentially using a...
0 7 min read

Styling with the CSS :empty pseudo-class

We use the CSS :empty pseudo-class to create more dynamic and engaging UX, while simplifying code and boosting website speed.
0 5 min read

How to create a double border in CSS

Explore a number of alternatives to the conventional CSS border-style: double method for creating a double border for a webpage element.
0 6 min read

Top 6 tools for Node.js monitoring

Learn about top tools for Node.js monitoring. Identify and address issues faster for enhanced reliability and improved UX.
1 6 min read

Working with the JavaScript Reflect API

This post examines the JavaScript Reflect object, discusses the difference between Proxy and Reflect, and gives examples of Reflect methods.
0 5 min read

Guide to promises in Node.js

Learn how touse the util.promisify() utility module in Node.js to transform a standard function that receives a callback into one that returns a promise.
0 6 min read

Blockchain bridges: Guide to cross-chain data sharing

This guide investigates blockchain interoperability, how blockchains communicate and share data, and challenges for cross-chain applications.
2 8 min read

What to expect from ES2022

JavaScript is continually evolving. Here's a look at eight new features that are expected to be available with JavaScript’s ES2022 specification.
0 5 min read

Processing images with sharp in Node.js

sharp is a high-performance image processing module for Node.js. This module assists with UGC management by offering an easy solution for reading, enhancing, and...
0 8 min read

The complete guide to blockchain testing

Learn the ins and outs of blockchain testing in this comprehensive article, including a tutorial for testing smart contracts.
0 9 min read

A guide to blockchain consensus protocols

Learn about the most popular consensus protocols in order to decide which to use in your next blockchain project with this guide and review.
0 7 min read