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What you need to know while using the Geolocation…

Learn how to effectively use the Geolocation API with this article filled with tips, tricks, and necessities when requesting user location.
Joseph Mawa
8 min read

Refactor a React app with the new Firebase v9.x…

The Firebase Web SDK v9.x has introduced breaking changes in methods for managing users and querying databases; refactor your React app to avoid throwing...
Taminoturoko Briggs
7 min read

Using Next.js with TypeScript

In this tutorial, learn how to use Next.js with TypeScript to build a modern stack for high-quality, search-optimized apps.
Ibrahima Ndaw
6 min read

Fundamentals of functional programming with React

Learn about the functional programming concept and how React adopts it to write applications that are easier to test and maintain.
Ibadehin Mojeed
9 min read

Choosing the right gestures for your Flutter project

Study a few iconic apps like Gmail and Instagram have used gestures, and learn which Flutter widgets you could use to create similar effects.
Murtaza Sulaihi
6 min read

Using Node.js to create an HTTP proxy for IPFS…

IPFS has some admirable goals, but it's inaccessible for most users. See how to use Node.js to create a clearnet proxy to access IPFS...
Alex Merced
5 min read

Using Web Workers to boost third-party script performance

Get a first look at Partytown, a new experimental library that aims to improve third-party script performance using Web Worker technology.
Arek Nawo
6 min read

Creating a carousel with React Slick

React Slick is a carousel library offering accessibility and responsiveness features for your next React project.
Chinwike Maduabuchi
4 min read

Guide to blockchain game development

Let's explore the emerging trend of blockchain game development and how to use the tools available within the crypto space to build games.
Ikeh Akinyemi
8 min read

Solving common issues with node-gyp

We’ve grouped all the major issues with node-gyp into three categories, including dependencies of node-gyp, add-on compilation errors, and binding contract violation.
Gregory Pabian
6 min read

Understanding Flutter streams

Learn how to work with streams in Flutter and Dart by creating a simple application that utilizes the StreamController service.
Lewis Cianci
8 min read

Implementing cryptography with Python

Here, you can learn about cryptography, how to encrypt data, and how to create a simple Python program for encryption and decryption.
Kiran Sethumadhavan
5 min read