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Build responsive components in Gatsby with artsy/fresnel

Responsive web design allows us to ensure that the user gets the best version of the web page regardless of their...
Yomi Eluwande
10 min read

Robust GraphQL mutations the Relay way

Learn how to create a strong API design for your GraphQL mutations by utilizing the Relay API spec.
David Chanin
3 min read
CSS pseudo-classes you might need

CSS pseudo-classes you might need

Learn how to use CSS pseudo-classes to specify a special state of selected elements.
Ananya Neogi
3 min read
Pitfalls of Overusing React Context

Pitfalls of overusing React Context

React Context is a powerful, useful tool, but it can cause performance issues when overused, especially in apps with frequent state...
Ibrahima Ndaw
4 min read
The What, When, Where, And Why Of Federated GraphQL

The what, when, why, and how of federated GraphQL

With the introduction of Apollo Federation, the model for building a new unified, single Graph API has become even easier.
Alexander Nnakwue
7 min read
User Interaction Feedback: Designing A Ripple Effect

Designing a ripple effect for UI feedback

The ripple effect is one of the most intuitive ways to provide users with touch feedback.
Glad Chinda
10 min read

Build an isomorphic application with Nuxt.js and Node

In this post, we'll explore isomorphic applications and use Nuxt to build a pet adoption website that preloads data on the...
Jordan Irabor
13 min read
Advanced Localization Techniques In Vue.js

Localization in Vue.js with vue-i18n

Localization improves UX and makes your app more accessible to a wider audience. Learn the localization techniques you can implement with...
Preetish HS
8 min read
Charting With Vue: A Comparison

Charting with Vue: A comparison

Learn how to build various types of charts using vue-chartjs, vue-plotley, and vue-apexcharts with Vue.js.
Raymond Camden
8 min read

Introduction to Inertia.js

In this article, we’ll look at Inertia's viability in the nearest future, the advantage it will have, and how to use...
Anjolaoluwa Adebayo-Oyetoro
4 min read
Exception Handling in JavaScript

Exception handling in JavaScript

We all make mistakes — it's a key part of any programmer's development. Exception handling, when done properly, can help maximize...
Deepak Gupta
5 min read

Unsentimental versioning

Learn how to perform unsentimental versioning to avoid the time-consuming process of manually going through all changes that have occurred since...
Henrik Molnes
2 min read