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A tutorial on creating coding tutorials

So you’ve just implemented an offbeat and interesting solution to a particular coding problem. You’re pumped. You decide to create your own tutorial to...
Daniel Warren
8 min read

Comparison of the top Array verification utilities on npm

Source: A few weeks ago, I was working on my side project, array-length, a highly performant new JavaScript library for calculating the number...
Rog Locket
2 min read

How CSS works: Parsing & painting CSS in the… CSS often feels like this mysterious, whimsical force governing everything that we see on the web. It can be inherently simple at times,...
Benjamin Johnson
6 min read

How (and when) to use React’s new Context API

So it’s not exactly news on the interwebs that React Context will be stable in the upcoming release of React, React 16.3.0. React Context is/was an experimental feature...
Yomi Eluwande
4 min read

Using web workers for safe, concurrent JavaScript

Web workers provide a way to run JavaScript code outside the single thread of execution in the browser. The single thread handles requests to...
Bruce Wilson
11 min read

Want to increase your worth as a developer? Learn…

As developers, working toward better positions and better salary means increasing your worth to your employer. Getting better at the technologies you use is...
Brandon Gregory
9 min read

Eliminate content repaints with the new Layers panel in…

So there you are, at wits’ end, frustrated after hours of trying to find out why your beautifully crafted website is so slow to...
Anna Migas
5 min read

The most controversial HTML5 extension

  Encrypted Media Extensions (EMEs) are a hotly debated, recently added extension to the HTML5 specification. They are meant to provide support for Digital...
Dhaivat Pandya
5 min read

Announcing the LogRocket Intercom integration

Providing quick and intelligent assistance when users need help is a crucial part of your overall customer experience. In many cases, it can mean...
Ben Edelstein
1 min read

Infinite scroll techniques in React

Introduction Infinite scrolling is a web design technique that loads content continuously as the user scrolls down the page, eliminating the need for pagination....
Ogundipe Samuel
4 min read

Interesting ECMAScript 2017 proposals that weren’t adopted

It’s hard to keep up to date with all the new feature proposals. Every year dozens are proposed to the TC39 committee which controls...
Kaelan Cooter
9 min read

Rethinking frontend error reporting

Understanding problems in web apps is hard. Between mysterious JavaScript errors, user-reported bugs, and issues caught in QA, there’s a constant struggle to get...
Ben Edelstein
3 min read