Diogo Souza

  https://www.altaluna.com.br/ Brazilian dev. Creator of altaluna.com.br


23 Stories by Diogo Souza

Documenting your Express API with Swagger

In this tutorial, we will explore maintaining thorough API documentation using Swagger with an Express.js API in Node.js.
9 7 min read

Getting started with Vuetify: Is Vuetify right for you?

Vuetify, a Material Design component framework for Vue, combines the best of Vue with the Materialize trend, making it simple to create beautiful UI...
3 10 min read

Using React with Django to create an app: Tutorial

Learn how to integrate React with Django, create a simple CRUD API with the Django REST framework free from common CORS issues, and more.
27 16 min read

How to create a REST API with Deno and Postgres

By providing features that Node.js failed to deliver, like security, modules, and dependencies, Deno is proving to be as powerful as its predecessor, Node.js....
11 11 min read

How to implement OAuth 2.0 in Node.js

Explore the OAuth 2.0 framework by developing our own overwritten implementation and testing it through a real API
9 9 min read

Comparing React form builders: Formik vs. Unform

Compare the flexibility and state management capabilities of Formik to the lightweight, performative qualities of Unform and determine which React form building library is...
1 6 min read

Understanding Kotlin coroutines

Dive deeper into Kotlin coroutines — suspendable computations similar to threads that simplify asynchronous programming in Kotlin.
0 5 min read

Creating cross-platform apps with NW.js

NW.js is a powerful alternative to Electron for native application development that offers a range of great integrations.
2 5 min read

Using ECMAScript modules (ESM) with Node.js

Explore how far the journey of supporting ES modules has come in the world of Node.js.
2 6 min read

JavaScript garbage collection: Browser vs. server

Compare different garbage collection algorithms in JavaScript and Node.js and understand how they work in the browser and server.
0 5 min read

Turbolinks for faster web navigation

Learn more about how Turbolinks can help improve application performance through substituting common full-page loads for partial loads.
2 4 min read

Creating micro-frontend apps with single-spa

Want to create a micro-frontend from scratch? This tutorial shows you how to do it with single-spa and React.
5 7 min read