Diogo Souza

  Brazilian dev. Creator of altaluna.com.br


23 Stories by Diogo Souza

Understanding Kotlin coroutines

Dive deeper into Kotlin coroutines — suspendable computations similar to threads that simplify asynchronous programming in Kotlin.
0 5 min read

Creating cross-platform apps with NW.js

NW.js is a powerful alternative to Electron for native application development that offers a range of great integrations.
0 5 min read

Using ECMAScript modules (ESM) with Node.js

Explore how far the journey of supporting ES modules has come in the world of Node.js.
2 6 min read

JavaScript garbage collection: Browser vs. server

Compare different garbage collection algorithms in JavaScript and Node.js and understand how they work in the browser and server.
0 5 min read

Creating REST APIs with Deno and Postgres

Learn how to create a CRUD-like API with Deno and Postgres with this comprehensive tutorial.
10 11 min read

React and Django: Your guide to creating an app

Learn how to create a simple CRUD API with the Django REST framework and integrate it with a React app in this comprehensive tutorial....
24 16 min read

Turbolinks for faster web navigation

Learn more about how Turbolinks can help improve application performance through substituting common full-page loads for partial loads.
2 4 min read

Creating micro-frontend apps with single-spa

Want to create a micro-frontend from scratch? This tutorial shows you how to do it with single-spa and React.
4 7 min read

Nim vs Python: Which should you choose?

Check out this guide to Nim and Python to decide which program is best for your project.
1 7 min read

Documenting your Express API with Swagger

Make sure your team maintains thorough API documentation by leveraging Swagger, an open source tool for documenting RESTful web services.
5 5 min read

Creating your first CRUD with Facebook’s Recoil

Explore some of the main features of Facebook's experimental state management library Recoil by building a CRUD app.
1 10 min read

Creating reordered lists with Sortable.js and React

Learn how to use Sortable.js and React to create lists, drag-and drop items, sort lists, and reorder lists.
0 11 min read