Vijit Ail Software Engineer at toothsi. I work with React and NodeJS to build customer-centric products. Reach out to me on LinkedIn or Instagram.


17 Stories by Vijit Ail

Using Contentful CMS with Next.js

See how Contentful can be easily integrated into your Next.js app, enabling you to access and display content flexibly and dynamically.
0 5 min read

Microservices with NestJS, Kafka, and TypeScript

This guide demonstrates how to create a scalable and reliable system using a microservices architecture with NestJS, Kafka, and TypeScript.
1 9 min read

What to learn before learning React Native

Find resources about understanding the skills and technologies that best prepare the modern developer to learn React Native.
3 8 min read

How to upload images from React Native to a Laravel API

This demonstration shows how to upload images from a React Native app to a Laravel API in a few quick and easy steps.
0 5 min read

Remult: Build a type-safe, full-stack app with TypeScript

Remult is a comprehensive framework that allows developers to build full-stack, type-safe apps using only TypeScript code.
1 6 min read

Using Edge Functions in Supabase: A complete guide

Supabase Edge Functions help extend the functionality of your app. Learn how to use Edge Functions to send an SMS without a server.
0 5 min read

Complete guide to authentication with React Router v6

React Router v6 is a huge improvement over previous versions. Learn how to handle user authentication with React Router v6.
6 9 min read

How to write a declarative JavaScript promise wrapper

In this guide, we demonstrate how to write declarative asynchronous function calls in JavaScript, resulting in code that's more readable and easier to maintain.
2 7 min read

Working with Supabase Studio

In our tutorial, we demonstrate how to set up a project in Subabase Studio, a dashboard for managing a self-hosted Supabase project.
0 5 min read

Export React components as images using html2canvas

Learn how to use html2canvas to export React components as images. Export multiple tables and graphs from a page in one go.
0 5 min read

Creating shareable React widgets

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to use widgets to integrate a React component with static websites built entirely from HTML.
3 4 min read

Understanding React fragments

Learn how to use React fragments to prevent rendering unnecessary nodes in the DOM and create an optimized code.
2 7 min read