Vijit Ail

  Software Engineer at toothsi. I work with React and NodeJS to build customer-centric products.


6 Stories by Vijit Ail

How to use Sass in React Native

Use Sass in your React Native projects to style your components using variables, inheritance, and operators.
0 5 min read

How to import SVG files in React Native using react-native-svg

SVGs enable you to scale your images and icons infinitely without compromising quality. Learn why else you should be using them in your React...
0 6 min read

What you should learn before learning React Native

Find resources about understanding the skills and technologies that best prepare the modern developer to learn React Native.
1 5 min read

React Fragments: An overview

Avoid issues that break your layouts and write cleaner code using React Fragments: a modern syntax that can reduce and restructure unneccessary divs.
2 5 min read

Managing network connection status in React Native

The NetInfo library offers tools for managing network connection state. This may increase engagement among users with poor web connection.
0 5 min read

The complete guide to React Hook Form

Learn how to create and maintain forms in React using React-hook-form, a library that helps you to validate forms in React.
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