Ikeh Akinyemi
Oct 28, 2021 ⋅ 4 min read

Decentralized data storage using IPFS and React: A tutorial with examples

Ikeh Akinyemi Ikeh Akinyemi is a software engineer based in Rivers State, Nigeria. He’s passionate about learning pure and applied mathematics concepts, open source, and software engineering.

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2 Replies to "Decentralized data storage using IPFS and React: A tutorial with examples"

  1. Hello, thi is very nice, but I can load the image or file but the submit button does nor respond. Am i missing something? with infure tec?

  2. Hello Marion, i have updated the UI to show a click effect (so make sure to clone the updated project from GitHub) but also there’s no image optimisation (as that’s not the focus of this project) applied in this project so you need to give your high quality image some time to completely load and display on the browser.

    That been said, I assure you that you’re not missing anything even on the infura side as I re-cloned this project some minutes ago to re-assure myself that everything is still working perfectly and yes, everything is still in support and functional.

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