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Promise chaining is dead. Long live async/await

​​While async functions have been around forever, they are often left untouched. Async/await is what some may consider an outcast. ​​Why? ​​​​A common misconception...
Alberto Gimeno
4 min read

3 advantages of React functional components on an ecommerce…

If you’ve used React before, chances are that you’ve had to require some form of method for managing things. If we take, for example,...
Sunil Sandhu
3 min read

Creating Nodemon in Node.js

Manually restarting an application’s process after each change to the codebase can be both exhausting and frustrating. Fortunately, one brilliant developer eventually said “enough!”...
Maciej Cieślar
7 min read

Implicit state sharing: React’s context API & provide/inject in…

Imagine you are creating an accordion component that you want to distribute publicly through an npm package. You would like the user of this...
Jonathan Harrell
3 min read

JavaScript design patterns

Objective This article will: Get you accustomed to Javascript patterns Explain why you should consider using design patterns in your next Javascript project For...
Mesh Seun
6 min read

Full-stack observability: LogRocket, DataDog, Honeycomb

In this post, we will set up an observable system for a React/Redux app and a Node.js back end deployed with Docker across the...
Praveen Durairaj
7 min read

The importance of standards in development teams

Very few people like to be told what to do. Even fewer people like having the freedom to choose what to do but zero...
Fernando Doglio
9 min read

You’re using〈em〉wrong

Learn how to correctly emphasize and italicize words in HTML5.
Facundo Corradini
8 min read

Team structure in the age of microservices

Switching to microservices won't fix your team, but it may help to reveal its flaws. It's important to address shortcomings in your team structure...
Everett Griffiths
5 min read

The ultimate web design tool: A browser

Learn the benefits of testing, refining, and iterate designs in the browser.
Oliver Williams
5 min read

How does front-end debt grow?

Some technical debt is unavoidable, but you can reduce it and make your applications more usable with these tips.
Shaun Stone
5 min read

Stop building websites with infinite scroll!

Infinite scroll may not be the best fit for your website--explore these alternatives instead.
Fatih Kadir Akin
5 min read