Mamta Dalal

  Mamta Dalal is a technology enthusiast and freelance writer. She has worked with several different technologies and is always eager to learn newer ones.


4 Stories by Mamta Dalal

Styling checkboxes with CSS properties

Learn how to use CSS properties and pseudo selectors to style your checkboxes and create an intuitive, user-friendly UI for your forms.
0 13 min read

How to fix a NullPointerException in Android

Learn how to fix NullPointerExceptions in Kotlin, Java, and Android Studio. Then, go deeper and set breakpoints for more controlled testing.
0 6 min read

Getting started with Realm for React Native

Learn how to get started with Realm and Realm Studio, an easier alternative to SQLite, for database management in React Native apps.
0 12 min read

Using CSS variables in React Native

Learn how to use CSS Variables to add custom styles, improve theming, and use CSS-in-JS libraries more seamlessly in React Native.
1 7 min read