Nitish Sharma

  I am a mobile and web developer proficient in React, React Native, and other libraries. I am currently employed as a React Native developer.


3 Stories by Nitish Sharma

How to play sounds in React Native using react-native-sound

A little ding for a new notification, a “whoosh” sound for an email sent, or a crumbling noise for deleting files goes a long...
0 6 min read

Caching images in React Native: A tutorial with examples

Caching is a great way to solve issues associated with loading and rerendering images from remote endpoints. Learn two approaches to caching images in...
0 6 min read

How to integrate PayPal payments with React Native

Learn how to build a payment interface in React Native by interlinking web and native technologies using the PayPal SDK for JavaScript.
5 11 min read