Nitish Sharma

  I am a mobile and web developer proficient in React, React Native, and other libraries. I am currently employed as a React Native developer.


8 Stories by Nitish Sharma

Managing orientation changes in React Native apps

In this article, we will explore managing screen orientation in React Native apps and learn how to lock the screen orientation.
1 4 min read

Understanding how Atomic Design is used in React Native

Learn about using Atomic Design with React Native apps — what it is and the role of each element that makes up the methodology...
0 6 min read

How to add custom fonts in React Native

In this guide, we look at ways to add custom fonts in React Native to help make your apps stand out.
5 2 min read

React Native Contacts: How to access a device’s contact list

React Native Contacts and Expo Contacts are both great tools for fetching and manipulating the contacts on a user’s device.
1 4 min read

Using AppState in React Native to improve performance

This piece will give you a basic understanding of the AppState tool and how to use it in a React Native app.
0 3 min read

How to play sounds in React Native using react-native-sound

A little ding for a new notification, a “whoosh” sound for an email sent, or a crumbling noise for deleting files goes a long...
4 6 min read

Caching images in React Native: A tutorial with examples

Caching is a great way to solve issues associated with loading and rerendering images from remote endpoints. Learn two approaches to caching images in...
1 7 min read

How to integrate PayPal payments with React Native

Learn how to build a payment interface in React Native by interlinking web and native technologies using the PayPal SDK for JavaScript.
8 11 min read