Ganesh Mani I'm a full-stack developer, Android application/game developer, and tech enthusiast who loves to work with current technologies in web, mobile, the IoT, machine learning, and data science.


20 Stories by Ganesh Mani

Using AG Grid in React: Guide and alternatives

Learn how to build and style a data grid in a React app using AG Grid. Also, compare alternative data grid libraries.
0 13 min read

Build a React Native speech-to-text dictation app

Learn how to build a speech-to-text dictation application using React Native, Node.js, Xcode, and VS Code.
1 8 min read

Building a REST API with Elixir and Phoenix

Learn what Elixir is, the Phoenix web framework, and how to build REST API with Phoenix for your projects.
1 8 min read

Understanding design patterns in TypeScript and Node.js

Learn how to use and implement several design patterns in TypeScript and Node, including singleton and abstract factory.
6 12 min read

How to build a full-stack app in RedwoodJS

Get a better understanding of RedwoodJS's functionalities and learn how to build a full-stack app with RedwoodJS.
0 10 min read

How to build a type-safe React Redux app

Learn how to use Redux in a type-safe React app to catch bugs at runtime instead of compile time and avoid shipping a bad...
2 7 min read

Why you don’t need to mix routing state with Redux

In this post, we cover how Redux-first routing works and explain how Redux can make your code more complicated than it needs to be.
2 6 min read

React slider tutorial using react-slider

Learn how to create different sliders using react-slider, a React headless component that’s easy to build and customize.
1 7 min read

Firebase and Fauna: Comparing database tools for frontend devs

In this guide, we’ll compare Firebase and Fauna, evaluating each tool for learning curve, complexity, scalability, performance, and pricing.
1 7 min read

Building an online store with Saleor

Set up an easy-to-use e-commerce store with GraphQL's headless solution.
0 6 min read

How to build a comment system for Gatsby using GitHub Issues

Commenting systems enable you to interact with your blog readers. Here's how to build one for a Gatsby blog using GitHub Issues.
1 10 min read

Getting started with Bree.js

This tutorial shows you how to build a simple Tweet scheduling app using Bree.js and Node.js.
0 6 min read