Georgey V B

  I'm a self-taught web developer from India. I enjoy learning about new web technologies and working on projects. I hope that my work will assist other developers who are experiencing the same difficulties that I am.


7 Stories by Georgey V B

A guide to cookies in Next.js

Cookies are crucial to web development. This article will explore how to handle cookies in your Next.js applications.
1 5 min read

MDX integration strategies for Next.js

This article will explore three unique strategies for easily integrating MDX into your Next.js applications.
0 8 min read

Build a chrome extension in Plasmo with React

Learn how you can build chrome extensions efficiently and simply using the React framework Plasmo.
0 6 min read

How to build a multi-step form with only the useState Hook

In this article we will be building a multi-step form using the useState Hook without the use of any third-party packages while achieving the...
0 7 min read

Exploring Motion One from Framer Motion

In this article, learn about Motion One, a new animation library based on the Web Animations API from the developers of Framer Motion.
0 6 min read

Create a search bar in React from scratch

Learn how to build, style, and customize a React search bar component built from scratch with this in-depth, step-by-step tutorial.
11 4 min read

Build a CRUD API using the Google Sheets API

Build yourself a completely free CRUD API database with an intuitive user interface with this tutorial using the Google Sheets API.
1 6 min read