Ahmad Rosid

  Software Developer based in Indonesia. Loves solving problems with technology and sharing it with the world.


5 Stories by Ahmad Rosid

Comparing Elixir with Rust and Go

Compare the three programming languages Elixir, Rust, and Go across criteria such as memory usage and time in concurrency projects.
4 12 min read

Using Cloudflare Workers with Remix and Superflare

We build a link shortener app with authentication and a database to show the benefits of using Cloudflare Workers with Remix and Superflare.
0 10 min read

Build a real-time chat app with Rust and React

Learn to build a real-time chat app that's fast and reliable, using Rust and React. WebSockets enables the client-server communication.
6 25 min read

Set up rate limiting in Next.js with Redis

Learn how to set up, test, and deploy a rate limiter in a Next.js app using a Redis client. Manage the number of requests...
0 6 min read

Pinning Rust async data types for memory safety

We investigate different methods for implementing pinning with async data in Rust and look at how to safely access pinned data.
0 9 min read