Yashodhan Joshi

  https://github.com/YJDoc2/ I am a student interested in physics and systems programming currently exploring Rust and operating systems. I am also passionate about helping others learn.


3 Stories by Yashodhan Joshi

Understanding Rust generics and how to use them

Generics are a way to reduce the need to write repetitive code and instead delegate this task to the compiler while also making the...
0 17 min read

Integrating a Svelte app with Rust using WebAssembly

Let's learn how to connect a Svelte app with Rust code through WebAssembly and how to pass information between JavaScript and Rust.
2 20 min read

Command line argument parsing in Rust using Clap

Manually parse command line arguments in Rust apps using Clap, a library that provides functionality to generate parsing logic for arguments.
0 14 min read