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Using Suspense and React Query: Tutorial with examples

Improve UX with Suspense by keeping the user informed during load times and simplify data fetching using React Query's useQuery() Hook.
4 9 min read

Deploying FastAPI applications to Vercel

Here, you can learn how to build and deploy FastAPI applications to Vercel and walk through the process with an example.
1 5 min read

Exploring Malina.js: A complete overview with working demo

Malina.js is a library inspired by Svelte that compiles your app down to vanilla JavaScript, producing a framework-free frontend.
1 6 min read

Integrating the Papercups chat widget in an ecommerce app

The Papercups chat widget integrates seamlessly into your ecommerce stack. See how to implement it in a Gatsby app.
0 3 min read

What’s new in react-query v2

The release of react-query v2 brings about some changes to the API, overall performance improvements, new query status Booleans, and more.
0 3 min read

Event-driven state management in React using Storeon

Storeon is a tiny, event-driven React state management library built on the Context API with principles similar to Redux.
2 6 min read

State management with Unstated Next

Built on React's Context API, Unstated Next helps save us the stress of using Redux to manage state in our apps.
5 5 min read

Run faster tests in Node.js with Baretest

Baretest is a minimal, fast, simple JavaScript test runner. If you currently use Jest, see what you stand to gain (or lose) by trying...
0 5 min read

What’s new in react-query v1.0

We review the new features and changes in the react-query v1.0 release and take a look at its new, dedicated devtools.
1 4 min read

Building nanoSQL-powered APIs

Databases often require you to communicate with them in a specific query language. You can bridge the language gap with nanoSQL, a JavaScript database...
0 7 min read

Consuming REST APIs in Svelte

According to the "State of Javascript 2019," Svelte is the frontend framework to watch in 2020. Get a head start with our tutorial.
3 5 min read