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12 Stories by Abdulazeez Abdulazeez Adeshina

Deploying FastAPI applications to Vercel

Here, you can learn how to build and deploy FastAPI applications to Vercel and walk through the process with an example.
0 5 min read

Exploring Malina.js: A complete overview with working demo

Malina.js is a library inspired by Svelte that compiles your app down to vanilla JavaScript, producing a framework-free frontend.
1 6 min read

Integrating the Papercups chat widget in an ecommerce app

The Papercups chat widget integrates seamlessly into your ecommerce stack. See how to implement it in a Gatsby app.
0 3 min read

What’s new in react-query v2

The release of react-query v2 brings about some changes to the API, overall performance improvements, new query status Booleans, and more.
0 3 min read

Event-driven state management in React using Storeon

Storeon is a tiny, event-driven React state management library built on the Context API with principles similar to Redux.
2 6 min read

State management with Unstated Next

Built on React's Context API, Unstated Next helps save us the stress of using Redux to manage state in our apps.
5 5 min read

Run faster tests in Node.js with Baretest

Baretest is a minimal, fast, simple JavaScript test runner. If you currently use Jest, see what you stand to gain (or lose) by trying...
0 5 min read

What’s new in react-query v1.0

We review the new features and changes in the react-query v1.0 release and take a look at its new, dedicated devtools.
1 4 min read

Building nanoSQL-powered APIs

Databases often require you to communicate with them in a specific query language. You can bridge the language gap with nanoSQL, a JavaScript database...
0 7 min read

Consuming REST APIs in Svelte

According to the "State of Javascript 2019," Svelte is the frontend framework to watch in 2020. Get a head start with our tutorial.
3 5 min read

Caching clash: useSWR() vs. React Query

See how SWR compares to React Query for remote data fetching.
9 8 min read

Using Suspense with react-query

Using Suspense alongside react-query can help to improve your app's user experience.
2 10 min read