Victor Jonah
Apr 14, 2021 ⋅ 7 min read

Redux isn’t dead

Victor Jonah I am a Software Developer with over three years of experience working with JavaScript and its frameworks. I currently work as a remote software developer for a tech agency.

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2 Replies to "Redux isn’t dead"

  1. Hi, I’m the primary Redux maintainer. I’d like to point out that I’ve covered this topic _repeatedly_ over the last few years 🙂 This post is definitely on the right track (and especially the mentions of Redux Toolkit!), but it’s worth pointing to the many resources I’ve written on these topics already for additional info. Some of the key posts I’ve written around this are:

    Redux – Not Dead Yet!: obviously the same thesis as this post, but with an emphasis on how Redux relates to other tools
    When (and when not) to Reach for Redux: A podcast transcript excerpt where I discuss some of the purposes and use cases for Redux and how tools like React Query and Apollo overlap with those scenarios
    A vidcast talk where I cover current Redux usage stats
    Why React Context is Not a “State Management” Tool (and Why It Doesn’t Replace Redux): an extensive post where I cover the differences in capabilities and use cases for Context, useReducer, and Redux, and when it makes sense to use either of them
    Redux Toolkit 1.0: covers the intent and purpose behind the creation of Redux Toolkit and what problems it’s trying to solve

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