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Android CI/CD using GitHub Actions

Explore the CI/CD tool GitHub Actions and its application into modern Android development, including Android-specific Actions and more advanced topics.
Ivan Garza
8 min read

Next.js vs. Angular: Comparing key features and use cases

Next.js and Angular are both popular JavaScript frameworks for developing web applications. Let's compare their features, use cases, and more.
Temitope Oyedele
5 min read

Building iOS Lock Screen widgets

Learn how to add rectangular, inline, and circular widgets to your iOS app's Lock Screen for enhanced user experience.
Rudrank Riyam
6 min read

Unit and integration testing for Node.js apps

Testing allows you to verify that changes to a project don’t break its expected behavior. We demo running unit and integration tests in a...
Andrew Evans
12 min read

AI in UX design: How to leverage AI and…

Let's take a look at the AI tools out there, how they can be used in a UX design setting, and how effective they...
Daniel Schwarz
7 min read

How and why to use attribute selectors in CSS

Using CSS attribute selectors, we can add extra information and CSS styling to a given HTML element. In this article, we review the available...
Oyetoke Tobi
5 min read

The complete best practices for minifying CSS

CSS minification is an optimization best practice that can deliver a significant performance boost to web app users.
Odili Charles Opute
13 min read

Creating a dynamic QR code generator in Vue

Create a dynamic QR code generator in the Vue framework that allows you to better brand and customize codes for users.
Muyiwa Femi-Ige
10 min read

How to build an accessible design system

Design systems are meant to enable design teams to create consistent experiences more efficiently for all types of users.
Eric Chung
8 min read

Contentful and Gatsby: Build a static site with a…

See how Contentful and Gatsby can be paired to deliver a modern, rich experience for building a headless CMS, including dynamic previews.
Francois Brill
9 min read

A deep dive into mutations in TanStack Query

Fetching and manipulating data without using a global state was something out of the ordinary. TanStack Query gives us this opportunity.
Gapur Kassym
5 min read

Top React boilerplates of 2023

Discover and compare five of the top React boilerplates, pieces of code that act as a starting point for beginning development.
Kapeel Kokane
11 min read