Eric Chung

  UX designer focused on creating meaningful user value and business impact for B2B products. I also write about design.


4 Stories by Eric Chung

Using task analysis to improve your UX design

Here's how conducting a task analysis works, as well as the best practices and benefits of using the process to inform design decisions.
0 6 min read

How to build an accessible design system

Design systems are meant to enable design teams to create consistent experiences more efficiently for all types of users.
0 8 min read

Using affinity diagramming for collaborating in UX design

Dive into affinity diagramming, including different use cases, its impact on collaboration, best practices, and tools for remote use.
0 6 min read

An app designer’s guide to responsive mobile UX

Dive into the world of mobile UX design and explore the best practices, common challenges, and examples of apps that are doing it right.
0 9 min read