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  UX designer focused on creating meaningful user value and business impact for B2B products. I also write about design.


23 Stories by Eric Chung

Unveiling the best design systems: Principles, examples, and key takeaways

A robust design system can help designers and engineers work more efficiently and implement design consistency across products.
0 14 min read

The goal gradient effect: Boosting user engagement

Let's explore the goal gradient effect, its influence on user behavior, and some practical ways to apply it within product design.
0 12 min read

Dashboard UI: Tutorial, best practices, examples

When done correctly, an effective dashboard UI minimizes user confusion. Here's how designers can create UI that doesn’t scare users.
0 8 min read

Aspect ratios in UX design: Tips, guide, and case study

Here are the considerations and best practices for designing with different aspect ratios and how to test out your own designs.
0 6 min read

Applying the UX honeycomb for a modern website

A strategic way of approaching your website’s design is by following the UX honeycomb framework. Here's how you can apply it.
0 7 min read

Organizing and categorizing content in information architecture

Here are some of the best techniques for organizing and categorizing content using personas and user journeys to guide UX decisions.
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Best practices for designing ethical AI user interfaces

These are the essential best practices for designing ethical AI user interfaces that prioritize user trust and confidence.
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Jakob’s Law: Creating familiar and user-centric interfaces

One principle UX designers should follow is Jakob’s Law, which ensures users feel right at home from the moment they engage with a product.
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How to use Miro for creating UX sitemaps

A strong use case for Miro is for UX sitemaps, which can help designers visualize the structure, flow, and navigation of a website or...
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Tabbed navigation in UX: Where and when to use it

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of using tabbed navigation to organize content in your user interface, as well as best practices for implementing tabs...
0 6 min read

Using progressive disclosure for complex content

Progressive disclosure is a design technique that involves revealing information gradually based on the user’s needs.
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Essential GUI design principles

Let's cover essential GUI design principles, like consistency, simplicity, and feedback, and explore how you can apply them to your designs.
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