Clara Ekekenta

  Software Engineer and perpetual learner with a passion for OS and expertise in Python, JavaScript, Go, Rust, and Web 3.0.


15 Stories by Clara Ekekenta

Writing AWS Lambda middleware with Middy.js

We build a serverless project, demonstrate how to write AWS Lambda middleware using Middy.js, and then deploy the app.
0 6 min read

How to build a TypeScript app with Vite

We explore the benefits of building an app with TypeScript and Vite and compare the performance of TypeScript apps built with CRA vs. Vite.
0 6 min read

Using Riot.js, a component-based UI library

We take a deep dive into Riot.js, compare it to the native Web Components API, and demonstrate how to use Riot.js to build a...
2 9 min read

Build a project using Angular and NestJS

This guide provides a comprehensive understanding of how to use Angular and NestJS to build web applications.
0 10 min read

Build a full-stack application with AdminJS

Learn about the features of an open source Node.js admin panel, AdminJS, and see how to use it to build a full-stack application.
0 7 min read

Build a web application with Hono

This post introduces Hono, a fast, flexible web application framework, and shows how to make a blog app with Cloudflare Workers and Hono.
1 4 min read

How to implement JWT authentication in NestJS

This tutorial provides an overview of NestJS and demonstrates how to implement JWT user authentication on a NestJS API.
7 6 min read

Build React reusable components faster with Aspect

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to use Aspect to reduce the development time associated with creating reusable React components.
0 3 min read

Express.js 5 migration guide

In this tutorial, we demonstrate how to upgrade from Express v4 to Express v5 and look at the new features available in Express 5.
0 8 min read

How to use NestJS with Prisma

Prisma is an easily integrated database toolkit for creating dependable, scalable web APIs. We'll learn how to use NestJS with Prisma to build a...
0 4 min read

Lit vs. React: A comparison guide

This comparison guide examines the core concepts, differences, features, and benefits of two frontend frameworks: Lit and React.
2 8 min read

Implementing JWT authentication in Laravel 9

This guide demonstrates how to implement JWT authentication in Laravel 9. We also review Laravel's features and compare JWT authentication to Sanctum and Passport.
13 9 min read