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Rendering large lists with React Virtualized

Render large data sets using the react-virtualized library and helpful components like CellMeasurer and ScrollSync.
8 16 min read

useState in React: A complete guide

useState is a Hook that allows you to have state variables in functional components. This tutorial covers the useState Hook in React.
14 14 min read

Immutability in React: Should you mutate objects?

If an object is immutable, you cannot change its state, the value of its properties, or add new properties to the object.
5 7 min read

GraphQL vs. REST APIs: Why you shouldn’t use GraphQL

Discuss the drawbacks of using GraphQL, including performance issues, problems with GraphQL schemas, and complex queries.
52 6 min read

React conditional rendering: 9 methods with examples

There’s more than one way to use conditional rendering in React. Review 9 methods to determine the best choice for your project.
4 14 min read

Understanding Redux Saga: From action creators to sagas

Learn how to use Redux Saga for both simple and complex approaches to implementing async operations with action creators, thunks, and sagas.
5 6 min read

5 things you didn’t know you can do in CSS-in-JS

You know CSS-in-JS lets you style applications with JavaScript, but you can also use it to chain animations, declare global styles, and more.
0 5 min read

React Router DOM: How to handle routing in web apps

React Router DOM contains the DOM bindings for React Router. Learn about its essential components and how to build routes with parameters.
6 14 min read

Create React App: A quick setup guide

Our quick tutorial on Create React App covers how to set up a React app and configure some important features.
0 7 min read

More alternatives to Moment.js

There’s no doubt Moment.js is one of the most popular libraries in the JavaScript ecosystem, but now that it's considered a legacy project in...
0 11 min read

What’s new in DevTools (Chrome 85)

In this post, I’m going to review the changes related to style editing and new JavaScript features, as well as changes in the source...
0 3 min read

What’s new in TypeScript 3.8

Typescript 3.8 was released on February 20th, 2020. This version includes changes to the compiler, performance, and editor.
0 6 min read