Huzaima Khan

  Huzaima is a software engineer with a keen interest in technology. He is always on the lookout for experimenting with new technologies. He is also passionate about aviation and travel.


4 Stories by Huzaima Khan

Create responsive masonry layouts for your React app

With the react-responsive-masonry library, you can easily and efficiently construct masonry layouts with features like responsive breakpoints and dynamic height adjustments.
1 4 min read

TanStack Query and WebSockets: Real-time React data fetching

By combining TanStack Query and WebSockets, you can efficiently create real-time applications like chat applications, live data feeds, or collaborative editing tools.
0 10 min read

Using KeyboardAwareScrollView and KeyboardAvoidingView in React Native

This tutorial explains what KeyboardAvoidingView and KeyboardAwareScrollView are and how to use them for different purposes.
0 4 min read

Continuous deployment of React Native app with Azure DevOps

This brief tutorial explains how to set up a continuous deployment pipeline on Azure DevOps for a React Native project.
6 8 min read