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11 Stories by Precious Luke

Using server functions with Qwik and Qwik City

We use the Qwik framework and Qwik City’s server functions to improve app performance by loading data without relying on JavaScript.
0 6 min read

Netlify vs. Cloudflare Pages

Compare Netlify and Cloudflare Pages, two serverless platforms for Jamstack website deployment.
2 6 min read

Building your own token with Solana

Learn how to create your token using the Solana platform, the fastest growing crypto ecosystem in the world.
0 5 min read

How to implement a health check in Node.js

Health checks in software help us identify inefficiencies in our applications — In this article, we look at how to do a health check...
2 4 min read

Visualizing GraphQL schema with GraphiQL

Learn how to visualize your GraphQL schema with GraphiQL, the default visualizer for GraghQL, with this walkthrough tutorial.
0 4 min read

How to use a proxy in Next.js

A proxy can be used to act as a relay between clients and servers. This article will help you understand how to implement them.
1 4 min read

How to switch Node.js versions with NVM

Learn about Node Version Manager (NVM), a Node.js version management tool that quickly installs and switches Node versions from the CLI.
0 4 min read

Using Recharts in React to add charts

Learn how to use Recharts in a React application that fetches data from Sanity to summarize an extensive dataset in a visually appealing way.
0 5 min read

Learn Golang encryption and decryption

Learn how to encrypt and decrypt data in Go, keeping data safe by making it difficult to use if it falls into the wrong...
1 6 min read

Building and structuring a Node.js MVC application

Learn about the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern and build and structure an application in Node.js using MVC.
0 13 min read

How to build an app with Hugo

Learn how to build static websites with Hugo, a powerful static site generator known for its speed, simplicity, and security.
0 7 min read