Murat Çatal
Feb 8, 2023 ⋅ 15 min read

Comparing React testing libraries

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6 Replies to "Comparing React testing libraries"

  1. How come Cypress gets four stars for browser support when it only works in Chrome? The entire post is flawed but this has really triggered me.

  2. Hi Milos,

    Thanks for your comment. But there is not any technical problem in document. Cypress supports Canary, Chrome, Chromium and Electron, so got 4 star while puppeteer only supports chromium and gets one star. In addition to that, cypress has roadmap (https://github.com/cypress-io/cypress/issues/3207) for supporting firefox and ie11, also that feature will make it even stronger in near future so it deserves 4 star for me.

    Reference document https://docs.cypress.io/guides/guides/launching-browsers.html#Browsers

    Also, that document is created by prior experiences plus current documents of libraries. You may not be with same idea about authors’ personal comments (about that given stars…), but it is not right you to call whole work as useless and flawed.

  3. For end to end, @DXTestCafe should have been considered. Apart from awesome ES6 support, we can test on different browsers while Cypress and Puppeteer are Chrome browser constrained as of now.

  4. I am not sure it is! could you elaborate more on why you think the post is flawed?

    Also Cypress supports a wide range of browsers including Edge, Firefox and Electron (including unstable channels like dev and canary to test against future releases), the only reason that triggered you is actually not true.

    There is also a Safari Support request that is currently being evaluated: https://github.com/cypress-io/cypress/issues/6422.

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