Using barrel exports to organize React components

Here, we introduce the concept of barrel exports in React and discuss how to use barrel exports to save development time.
Nelson Michael
5 min read

How to build a notes app with React and…

We can use localStorage to persist our React app to the browser so we don't lose our data when we close the app.
Saleh Mubashar
9 min read

React command palette with Tailwind CSS and Headless UI

A command palette is a tool that enables quick navigation, easy access to commands, and shortcuts, among other things.
Mayowa Ojo
8 min read

Getting started with PixiJS and React: Create a canvas

Learn how to implement PixiJS applications in React to render rich, 2D graphics. Walk through a demo of several PixiJS animation examples.
David Omotayo
8 min read

Build a Google Docs clone with React and Automerge

In this tutorial, we will be building a Google Docs clone, where the user can create, view, edit and delete text documents.
Madars Bišs
9 min read

Understanding the React exhaustive-deps linting warning

Adding the exhaustive deps lint rule and the rule of Hooks rule is a necessity for app development. These rules will save you time.
Stephan Miller
6 min read

React Redux connect(): When and how to use it

The React Redux package provides React bindings for the Redux state container, making it very easy to connect a React application to a Redux...
Glad Chinda
13 min read

React conditional rendering: 9 methods with examples

There’s more than one way to use conditional rendering in React. Review 9 methods to determine the best choice for your project.
Esteban Herrera
14 min read

How to test React Hooks

Testing your React app is a necessity, but testing Hooks can get a bit complicated. Learn how to test Hooks multiple ways in this...
Yomi Eluwande
7 min read

Customize a reusable React dropdown menu component

A dropdown menu consists of four basic components: the header wrapping, header title, list wrapping, and list items.
Doğacan Bilgili
8 min read

React Hooks vs. Redux: Do Hooks and Context replace…

Explore the differences between using Redux for state management in React apps and using the React Context API along with Hooks.
Ebenezer Don
6 min read

Create a customizable React search component with autocomplete

Autocomplete search boxes are prevalent in modern UI design. Here's how to create a customizable search component in React.
Chinwike Maduabuchi
8 min read