Using Codemod to upgrade your React version

Learn how to use Codemod to make refactoring code and React version upgrades painless and enjoy cutting-edge updates without compromises
Nausheen Sujela
3 min read

Creating a Google Keep clone with React and Firebase

This tutorial shows you how to create a simple Google Keep clone using Firebase and React that allows users to write a title for...
David Aji
7 min read

Recoil in action: Building a reusable code block component

We demonstrate how to use Recoil, a lightweight state management library for React, to persist user preferences in a reusable code block component.
'Tomi Odusanya
6 min read

What’s new in create-react-app 4.0.0

Create React App 4.0.0 is a major release and it comes with some awesome features. Learn more about the new features and notable changes.
Lawrence Oputa
4 min read

Getting started with radioactive state in React

Learn what you need to know (and what you need to look out for) when getting started with radioactive state.
Lawrence Oputa
8 min read

Creating micro-frontend apps with single-spa

Want to create a micro-frontend from scratch? This tutorial shows you how to do it with single-spa and React.
Diogo Souza
7 min read

Your reference guide to using TypeScript in React

Here's a quick reference guide where you can learn about best practices and generic TypeScript types in React.
Chidume Nnamdi
6 min read

Using D3.js with React: A complete guide

In this comprehensive tutorial, we'll show you how to use D3.js in React, why you should use D3, and how to make a chart...
Nosa Obaseki
6 min read

Why and when to use Chakra versus Bumbag

Read about Chakra and Bumbag, how their features differ, which one to choose for your project, and how to get started with both of...
Solomon Eseme
6 min read

Building a movie search app in React

Check out this tutorial to build a movie app with React that lets users search and find information on their favorite movies.
Roberta Akoto
5 min read

PropTypes in React: A complete guide

In this tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to use prop types in React to improve your components and ensure they're working as expected.
Glad Chinda
8 min read

How to create an avatar feature with React

The react-avatar library provides an intuitive way to build an avatar-creation feature into your React application.
Yusuff Faruq
4 min read