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Getting Started With Create React App

Getting started with Create React App

Create React App is a great tool for quickly getting up and running on new React projects. Let's learn how to...
Karthik Kalyanaraman
13 min read
Top React Boilerplates Of 2023

Top React boilerplates of 2023

Discover and compare five of the top React boilerplates, pieces of code that act as a starting point for beginning development....
Kapeel Kokane
11 min read
Adding Login Authentication to Secure React Apps

Adding login authentication to secure React apps

Learn how to secure your React app by implementing basic server-side login authentication for an Express.js server.
Doğacan Bilgili
11 min read
Getting Started React Typescript

Getting started with Create React App and TypeScript

JavaScript is not typed, meaning you can’t assign a data type to a variable, but JavaScript still understands the difference between...
Juan Cruz Martinez
9 min read
Vite and React Logos Over Lightning

Vite 3.0 vs. Create React App: Comparison and migration guide

Learn how to build React applications with Vite and how to migrate from Create React App to Vite. Compare the core...
David Omotayo
9 min read
PWA Create React App Service Workers

PWA with Create React App and service workers

Reach more users on the go by turning your app into a PWA with service workers and Create React App.
Pam Lu
4 min read
Comparing Create React App Vs Next Js Performance Differences

Comparing Create React App vs. Next.js performance differences

Next.js vs. Create React App: who comes out on top in the battle of SSR versus CSR?
Sean Connolly
8 min read

Why you should use a proxy server with Create React App

Learn why and how to implement a proxy server with Create React App to secure and organize your next React app....
Joel Adewole
5 min read
Everything You Need to Know About react-scripts

Everything you need to know about react-scripts

Create React App comes with react-scripts, a handy package that reduces the configuration required to build a React app, and an...
Ibrahima Ndaw
4 min read

React dynamic imports and route-centric code splitting guide

Read our route-centric code splitting guide and learn how to speed up your React apps using dynamic imports, React.lazy(), React.Suspense, React...
Lawrence Eagles
7 min read
Self Hosting Create React App

Best options for self-hosting Create React App

Self-hosting a React application can be very economical, especially if your intention is to have total control over your deployment, build...
Emmanuel Etukudo
4 min read
Maintain And Restore Scroll Position In React Mobile Apps

Maintain and restore scroll position in React mobile apps

Learn how to maintain React app scroll position when users close a full-page mobile menu to improve UX by implementing a...
Coner Murphy
5 min read