create react app

Adding login authentication to secure React apps

Learn how to secure your React app by implementing basic server-side login authentication for an Express.js server.
Doğacan Bilgili
11 min read

Getting started with Create React App and TypeScript

JavaScript is not typed, meaning you can’t assign a data type to a variable, but JavaScript still understands the difference between a number, a...
Juan Cruz Martinez
9 min read

Vite 3.0 vs. Create React App: Comparison and migration…

Learn how to build React applications with Vite and how to migrate from Create React App to Vite. Compare the core concepts of both...
David Omotayo
7 min read

PWA with Create React App and service workers

Reach more users on the go by turning your app into a PWA with service workers and Create React App.
Pam Lu
4 min read

Comparing Create React App vs. Next.js performance differences

Next.js vs. Create React App: who comes out on top in the battle of SSR versus CSR?
Sean Connolly
8 min read

Why you should use a proxy server with Create…

Learn why and how to implement a proxy server with Create React App to secure and organize your next React app.
Joel Adewole
5 min read

Everything you need to know about react-scripts

Create React App comes with react-scripts, a handy package that reduces the configuration required to build a React app, and an amazing configuration that...
Ibrahima Ndaw
4 min read

React dynamic imports and route-centric code splitting guide

Read our route-centric code splitting guide and learn how to speed up your React apps using dynamic imports, React.lazy(), React.Suspense, React Router, and Loadable...
Lawrence Eagles
7 min read

Best options for self-hosting Create React App

Self-hosting a React application can be very economical, especially if your intention is to have total control over your deployment, build tools, and workflow.
Emmanuel Etukudo
4 min read

Maintain and restore scroll position in React mobile apps

Learn how to maintain React app scroll position when users close a full-page mobile menu to improve UX by implementing a custom Hook.
Coner Murphy
5 min read

PurgeCSS: Remove unused CSS code

Explore PurgeCSS, a tool to remove unused CSS from your code, thereby reducing file size and improving optimization.
Hamsa Harcourt
3 min read

Build a WYSIWYG text editor using Quill

If you're in search of a way to build a WYSIWYG editor, look no further than Quill. It’s easy to set up and incredibly...
Madars Bišs
4 min read