Jeremy Kithome
Dec 1, 2022 ⋅ 10 min read

Build rich text editors in React using Draft.js and react-draft-wysiwyg

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10 Replies to "Build rich text editors in React using Draft.js and react-draft-wysiwyg"

  1. Hi First thanks for sharing

    Things go well, however,

    I got the following warning:

    Warning: Can’t call setState on a component that is not yet mounted. This is a no-op, but it might indicate a bug in your application. Instead, assign to `this.state` directly or define a `state = {};` class property with the desired state in the o component

    How can we correct this using useEffect hook?

      1. same error. also i want to save the values in database , so it is going in the html tags format like if type “hiii” it goes like hiii also it is not going in the database in the form of bold italic or any changes made on text.

  2. Hi Thanks for this post. Really helped me.

    But I have one issue.. I am using controlled state and conversion to HTML data.. Here my inline styles like font-size,color, font-family etc are not being saved.. Only bold, underline etc.. which are having specific HTML tags are being added and saved.. Could anyone suggest a solution for this?

  3. Thanks for this post! Just a small little fix, you need to use a useEffect to make the changes on the editor appear instantly on the preview, like this:

    useEffect(() => {
    let currentContentAsHTML = convertToHTML(editorState.getCurrentContent());
    }, [editorState])

    Remove convertContentToHTML function call from the handleEditorChange function. Now every time you type something on the field it reflects on the screen instantly. 🙂

  4. all the text properties are getting applied but not styles like color, font size and text align. How to fix this?

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