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9 Stories by Jeremy Kithome

Comparing the best Node.js unit testing frameworks

Compare some of the best Node.js unit testing frameworks in 2023, including Mocha, Jest, Supertest, and Webdriver.
1 9 min read

Build rich text editors in React using Draft.js and react-draft-wysiwyg

In this article, we will be using Draft.js and react-draft-wysiwyg to build a rich text editor and display text we created using the editor.
10 10 min read

Build a React Native progress bar

Learn how to build a progress bar in React Native to provide users with a visual representation of processes running and progressing.
2 4 min read

Creating a chat application with WebRTC

This extensive guide shows you all you need to know to build a simple chat application with WebRTC.
17 24 min read

Creating a Node.js GraphQL server using Prisma 2

In this article, we will be building a basic polling GraphQL server.
1 10 min read

Implementing two-factor authentication using Speakeasy

In this article, we will be focusing on implementing a time-based one-time password(TOTP) using the Speakeasy library.
3 8 min read

Making a chat app with Dapr

Dapr is an event-driven, portable runtime that aims to simplify building microservice applications for developers.
2 10 min read

How to implement scroll with React-gridlist

Getting scroll to work perfectly requires a lot of trial and error. React-gridlist provides a painless and fast way to implement scroll in your...
0 4 min read

How to build an accessible datepicker component in React

In this article, we will be building an accessible datepicker component that leverages the accessibility guidelines.
3 12 min read