Smarter Redux with Redux Toolkit

Redux Toolkit eliminates many of the lingering critiques against using Redux for state management.
Zain Sajjad
8 min read

Setting up continuous deployment with React, Firebase, and GitHub…

Automating your deployment process helps you deliver your product faster and allows your team to focus on building and collecting valuable feedback from customers....
Samaila Bala
3 min read

The ultimate roundup of React form validation solutions

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular solutions for form management and validation in React.
Wern Ancheta
14 min read

How to improve developer experience with React Suspense in…

Technically the same user experience can be accomplished with the current technology without React Suspense but it can be said that creating a better...
Daishi Kato
6 min read

Web storage made simple with use-local-storage-state

The useLocalStorageState Hook makes it easier to persist data in the browser by abstracting the use of localStorage into a React Hook.
John Au-Yeung
3 min read

Introduction to treat

Learn how treat can help you reduce CSS in JS runtime overhead while simultaneously providing legacy browser support and type safety.
Nathan Sebhastian
2 min read

A comprehensive guide to video playback in React

This article explains how video playback works behind the scenes and shows you how to implement three video playback frameworks in React to quickly...
Jamie Maison
8 min read

Creating forms in React in 2020

This article will show you a few different ways to handle form values in React. We’ll look at useState, custom Hooks, and, finally, no...
Kristofer Selbekk
5 min read

Introduction to Blitz.js

Gone are the days when creating a new project meant simply using Rails. With Blitz, you can deploy your application as a single entity...
Nathan Sebhastian
4 min read

Building a Trello clone with React Hooks and GraphQL

Learn how to build a Trello-like application using React Hooks and GraphQL.
Ganesh Mani
10 min read

Rethinking web audio feedback with the useSound Hook

Audio feedback on the web has deservedly gotten a bad rap. But when used correctly, and with accessibility in mind, sound can enrich UX.
Olasunkanmi John Ajiboye
7 min read

React-cool-portal: What it is and how to use it

React-cool-portal adds a Hooks-based abstraction over React portals, allowing you to write less code more cleanly.
Yusuff Faruq
6 min read