Ogundipe Samuel

  Software engineer and technical writer.


26 Stories by Ogundipe Samuel

Using TypeScript with React: A tutorial with examples

Using TypeScript with React can increase development speed, improve code readability, and more.
3 8 min read

Creating responsive emails using MJML

Here, you can learn how to build beautiful and responsive emails using MJML, a tool that makes coding emails easier.
1 6 min read

Building an ecommerce site with jamstack-ecommerce

The new jamstack-ecommerce starter template provides a great launchpad for building our your next ecommerce site.
1 11 min read

Building a mobile UI using Mint UI and Vue.js

Learn how you can use Mint UI together with Vue.js to buid a mobile-like frontend application for use on both web and mobile.
0 9 min read

Why you should use Buefy and Vue.js for your next business website

There are so many factors that come together to define your site's UX. See how Buefy and Vue.js together can address them.
2 12 min read

A guide to theming in CSS

This tutorial shows you how to create apps that are theme-aware using CSS variables and JavaScript.
5 3 min read

Top 10 React Component Libraries for 2020

Read up on the top 10 React component libraries to keep an eye on in 2020.
4 5 min read

Top 10 Vue component libraries for 2020

Check out the top 10 fastest-growing Vue component libraries in 2020 and learn about some of their unique use cases in this post.
2 5 min read

What’s new in Preact X?

Preact X includes updates and new features designed to help frontend developers create efficient, performant frontend apps in JavaScript.
0 3 min read

Building an ecommerce website with React and 8base

This tutorial walks you through the process of building an ecommerce website using 8base and React.
0 9 min read

Building a JAMstack ecommerce website

Use JAMstack to build an ecommerce website by applying techniques learned with the Next.js framework.
1 11 min read

10 mistakes React developers make

Check out this list of 10 common mistakes React developers make to ensure you avoid needlessly complicating or slowing your process.
1 6 min read