Paul Akinyemi

  I'm a fullstack web developer and technical writer with experience in JavaScript and Python. I love bringing pretty and complex user interfaces to life with clean and efficient code.


8 Stories by Paul Akinyemi

How to perform type casting in TypeScript

Improve the type safety of your projects with type casting, and understand subtype and supertype relationships.
0 7 min read

Framer Motion tutorial: How to easily create React animations

Use the Framer Motion library to create complex animations in your React applications, including SVG animations and drag-and-drop.
0 13 min read

Rate limiting your Go application

Explore the fundamentals of rate limiting, different types of rate limiting algorithms, and several techniques and libraries for implementing rate limiting in Go applications.
1 7 min read

An intro to routing in Go with Gorilla Mux

Build a simple API using the Gorilla Mux package, with its diverse features, as a router for your apps.
0 9 min read

Easy ways to send emails in Go

Sending emails is a great way to keep in touch with your app users, and knowing how to send emails programmatically is always a...
0 4 min read

A guide to automated testing in Vue with Cypress

Learn how component testing differs from E2E testing, why you should use Cypress for component testing, and the basics of how to test your...
1 6 min read

Animate a React app with AnimXYZ

The core idea behind AnimXYZ is to allow you to write CSS animations while saving you the effort of writing keyframes.
0 9 min read

How to build a Gantt Chart in JavaScript with Frappe Gantt

Improve your team's organization by building a customizable Gantt chart with Frappe Gantt, an open source JavaScript library.
0 9 min read