Iskander Samatov I’m a technical lead at HubSpot based in Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. When I have time, I enjoy working on SaaS products and writing programming articles at


4 Stories by Iskander Samatov

Building web components with WebC in vanilla JavaScript

Web components can do a lot, but in this post, learn about how the WebC framework helps you build them better with vanilla JavaScript.
0 6 min read

React performance optimization: Windowing vs. component recycling

When optimizing the performance of large lists of data in React, what is better: windowing or component recycling?
0 5 min read

How to make your design system DRY with Zag

Here's a look at Zag, a JavaScript library that employs the state machine approach to represent common component state patterns.
0 6 min read

Write an audio visualizer from scratch with vanilla JavaScript

Learn how to create your own audio visualizer using vanilla JavaScript and the inbuilt browser Canvas and Web Audio APIs.
1 10 min read