Peter Aideloje I'm a passionate developer and technical writer whose interest aligns with full-stack software engineering, specifically Java, Csharp, and other frontend stacks like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.


8 Stories by Peter Aideloje

Guide to Kotlin filtering for Android

The Kotlin filter() operator is the most important task in the Kotlin collection operation, allowing you to filter a range of data based on...
0 5 min read

Kotlin sorting algorithms for Android development

The bubble sort algorithm is simple to write, easy to understand, and requires only a few lines of code.
1 4 min read

Kotlin queue guide for Android

Explore the Kotlin queue, a collection interface that is used to store and remove data following the FIFO concept.
0 7 min read

Activity state and fragment lifecycle in Android apps with Kotlin

In Android development, the activity state and fragment lifecycle play a crucial role, influencing implementation decisions and the final output that is experienced by...
0 5 min read

Using data binding to prevent slow rendering in Kotlin

In Android applications, data binding is a process that involves coupling two data sources together and synchronizing them, increasing the speed at which your...
0 5 min read

Comparing Kotlin scope functions

There are five types of scope functions in Kotlin that execute a block of code within the scope of an object: let, with, run, apply, and also.
0 6 min read

The role of Solidity and JavaScript in Web3 applications

Explore the role that JavaScript and Solidity play in developing smart contracts by building a Web3 project from scratch with React.
4 20 min read

Create a shine effect using only CSS

Adding eye-catching visuals to your application can help engage and direct users in your application. Create a shine effect using CSS.
2 6 min read