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How to Use styled-components With React Native

How to use styled-components with React Native

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the advantages the styled-components library has over the general StyleSheet manager in React Native.
Aman Mittal
12 min read
Create customized and shareable calendars in React Native

Create customizable and shareable calendars in React Native

Use pre-built calendar components to create a customizable, shareable calendar that can display date-based data and capture date values from the...
Shalitha Suranga
15 min read
Exploring 5 Popular React Native Color Picker Libraries

Exploring 5 popular React Native color picker libraries

React Native color picker libraries can help us select the right color scheme for our apps. Let's look at five popular...
Chimezie Innocent
9 min read
Build keepAwake into your React Native app without draining power

How to build keepAwake into your React Native app

Learn how to keep your users' screens active without draining power using React Native's KeepAwake functions.
Emmanuel John
5 min read
Using React Native Reanimated To Create Seamless Ui Transitions

Using React Native Reanimated for seamless UI transitions

Explore React Native Reanimated core features, changes in v2 and v3, and how to use this library to create smooth transitions...
Chimezie Innocent
9 min read
Build React Native App Solito

Build a React Native app with Solito

Use Solito to easily transition your React Native app into a Next.js site and vice versa without sacrificing the native navigation...
Vijit Ail
6 min read
Integrating Ble In A React Native App With The React Native Ble Manager Package

Using react-native-ble-manager in a mobile application

Explore how react-native-ble-manager allows us to enable and scan for Bluetooth Low Energy devices within our React Native application.
Chimezie Innocent
10 min read
Beat React Native Routing Libraries

The 4 best React Native routing libraries

We take a close look at top React Native routing libraries, exploring their features and use cases, to help you make...
Nelson Michael
6 min read
Options for building React Native collapsible accordions

Options for building React Native collapsible accordions

There are many options for building collapsible accordions in React Native. Learn about where and when to implement them in this...
Shalitha Suranga
12 min read
Build A Video Upload And Compression App With Multer And React Native

Build a video upload and compression app with Multer and React Native

Use Multer, a Node.js middleware, to build a full-stack Android and iOS app for uploading videos in React Native.
Wamaitha Nyamu
14 min read
React Native Vs. Ionic

React Native vs. Ionic

Compare Ionic and React Native based on app size, native APIs, and debugging, and build a demo app to evaluate their...
Adhithi Ravichandran
16 min read
Managing Orientation Changes in React Native Apps

Managing orientation changes in React Native apps

In this article, we will explore managing screen orientation in React Native apps and learn how to lock the screen orientation.
Nitish Sharma
4 min read